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Hopefully we've covered 90% of the questions that we get asked, but if we've missed something, or if you'd like more information please call 1300 452 636.

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Pricing & Cancellations - Getting the numbers right.

How much does the training cost?

In most cases on-site training is priced at $1097 (Ex GST) for a half day, and $2097 (Ex GST) for a full day course, paid a minimum of two weeks before the scheduled training date.

Shorter courses are charged depending on how long they go for, but generally fit within the same pricing scheme.

Why do we have to pay in advance?

As a busy training organisation we often book our trainers months before the training date. By collecting payment in advance we are able to 100% lock in your training, providing security for both your staff, and ours!

Are there any cancellation fees?

Provided you give us a minimum of 48hrs notice then there will be no cancellation fee. Any less than this and our trainers will not be able to rebook with another client, and will need to be compensated for their time. In this instance 100% of the training fee is forfeit.

That said, if you run into an emergency where you really do need to change dates or cancel at short notice, please contact us immediately... if we can make it work, we will at no charge!

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Do you really customise the training?

We get asked this question a lot! The answer is a definite yes. While we do have generic versions of all our training courses, we're more than happy to get in there and customise our courses according to the needs of your staff.

Whether it be soft-skills training or technical training, we can customise to make sure the session provides information that will be immediately applicable for your staff.

Where will the training be held?

All training is done on-site at your premises. If you'd like the training to have more of an "event" type feel, we can organise training rooms either near your location, or in an area of your choosing. We don't look to profit on hiring of training rooms and the same fee we pay will be on-charged to your organisation.

It’s great… one of our staff members came out and said that it was the best training that they’d ever done! That’s exactly what we want to hear!

Paul Johnson - Workforce Planning Manager, Covermore Travel Insurance

John is definitely one of the most remarkable trainers I have met during my 22 years of studies. He is a very knowledgeable, inspiring, motivating and creative hands-on teacher which makes it a great experience to attend his classes.

Diana Bakos, Kaplan International

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