Microsoft Excel Training - Advanced Formulas

Pick and choose the modules that you want your staff to learn, and we'll do the training in-house! (Sydney Metro only)

Excel 2010
Powerpoint 2010

Advanced Formulas - Microsoft Excel 2010 → Office 365

Harnessing the power of formulas is key to truly utilising all that Microsoft Excel 2010 has to offer. From basic SUM formulas, we’ll move through to conditional formulas, 3D formulas, Lookup and reference functions and many more! Prepare to manipulate and collate your data like never before!

Topics Covered - 3.5 Hours

  • 1. Formula and Function Tips & Shortcuts
  • 2. Formula & Function Tools
  • 3. IF & Related Functions
  • 4. Lookup & Reference Functions
  • 5. Power Functions
  • 6. Statistical Functions (Optional)
  • 7. Date Functions
  • 8. Text Functions
  • 9. Information Functions
  • 10. Math Functions (Optional)
  • 11. Array Formulas & Functions

8 Participant Maximum - $1097 + GST

($137 per person for a group of 8)

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It’s great… one of our staff members came out and said that it was the best training that they’d ever done! That’s exactly what we want to hear!

Paul Johnson - Workforce Planning Manager, Covermore Travel Insurance

John is definitely one of the most remarkable trainers I have met during my 22 years of studies. He is a very knowledgeable, inspiring, motivating and creative hands-on teacher which makes it a great experience to attend his classes.

Diana Bakos, Kaplan International

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